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James Haskell at Stade Francais in Paris

James Haskell at Stade Francais in Paris

This season the Top 14 in France has had another influx of foreign players thanks to lucrative offers, good rugby, and a change of scenery. James Haskell has gone across for a slightly different reason - to regain his position in the English team.

Haskell travelled across the Channel to Stade Francais, leaving his beloved London Wasps and a life in the Guinness Premiership in the hope if finding form with the Paris side.

While many feel that leaving your country is a step backwards, Haskell is adamant that this is precisely what he needs to pick up his performances and impress the England management once again following him not being selected for England, the Saxons, or the British & Irish Lions.

I set out the reasons I wanted to go and all of them were based on getting back in the England squad and holding down that shirt, he said. There are no excuses not to be involved apart from being down on my performances.

In this nice clip, we see the 24 year old loose forward talking about his new ambitions, as well as going through the famous Stade Francais jerseys that continue to fascinate fans around the world.

They've turned their club into a marketing machine, with the calender and predominantly hot pink merchandise helping to sell millions each season.

Look out for Haskell baring his chest soon.

Time: 06:52
Credit: Thanks for Sky Sports for the original footage

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