Friday, June 26, 2009

Mathieu Bastareaud admits he lied about being assaulted in New Zealand

Mathieu Bastareaud admits he lied about being assaulted in New Zealand

Young French centre Mathieu Bastareaud, who initially made claims that hed been attacked by between four and five men in Wellington on the weekend, has now changed his story and admitted that he actually lied about what actually happened.

Bastareaud sustained several facial injuries in New Zealand after a night out, with his original story being that he got them from a racial attack by a group of thugs on the streets of Wellington. It has now been revealed, that they actually came from a drunken fall.

He suffered a broken eye socket, facial cuts, and severe bruising. The attack was such an embarrassment for the country ahead of the 2011 World Cup, that the New Zealand Prime Minister even issued a written apology, along with the mayor of Wellington.

He is now back in France, where he came clean about the story. Mayor Kerry Prendergast is furious, especially as it seems that he wasnt alone in the cover up.

"There were other players involved, the team doctor was involved, the coach (was involved) because he got sent back so quickly. This is wider than just one player and I think we need an apology.

"My understanding is that other players knew about it, so we cant just say that this is one player. Clearly the doctor who did the stitching and the fact that he was sent back... other people knew."

Security footage has shown him returning to his hotel uninjured with four other people, at 5:22am. He's said that he made up the story to avoid getting in trouble with the French RFU.

"On Saturday evening, I returned to the hotel after having drunk too much," he said.

"I fell in my bedroom and scarred my cheekbone on the table in the room. I was ashamed and panicked and I thought I would be sent packing by the team management.

"I told the original story because I thought it would be believed, but given the coverage it has subsequently received I thought it would be better to tell the truth."

Were yet to find out what kind of punishment the 20 year old Stade Francais player will receive. Perhaps the shame and worldwide criticism he'll face is enough at this stage.

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