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British & Irish Lions excitement hits Pirates in Johannesburg

British & Irish Lions excitement hits Pirates in Johannesburg

The British & Irish Lions are in South Africa as they embark on the challenge of playing ten matches around the country in a short period of time. The last time the Lions toured there ended in success, which local fans are still sore about.

In 1997 the Sprinboks were World Champions, as they are now, and they fully expected to win the series with no problems whatsoever. Jeremy Guscott saw things differently though, as his winning drop goal in the second test clinched the series for the visitors.

This time around, the Lions have once again had very little time to prepare and have an immensely physical and determined opposition in front of them. Three Test matches and bruising warm up games lie in wait as this team of stars must click together asap.

From a South African point of view, Lions fever has hit the country and there is a buzz and excitement around the series, as revenge for 12 years ago is on everyones minds.

Besides being die hard supporters, as rugby fans, the country cant wait for an intriguing series that should be eventful whenever the Lions take to the field.

Pirates rugby club in Johannesburg, only a stones throw away from where RD was created (and where Ive spent many hours playing), will be one of the many drinking holes in the city where fans will get behind their team and enjoy the series.

As the excitement around the rugby world grows for this fascinating series, well try bring you random clips that give you a feel for the atmosphere and vibe that surrounds the tour.

The British & Irish Lions play their first match this Saturday, against the Royal XV side.
Check our fixtures page for further details of upcoming matches.

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Note: Clip from Sky Sports

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