Monday, April 20, 2009

Lions Memories - The Changing Room

Lions Memories - The Changing Room

Tomorrow the British & Irish Lions squad for the tour of South Africa will be announced amid much speculation and hype. As is to be expected, all discussions in rugby circles currently are about which individuals will be chosen, and which countries represented.

In another of the Lions Memories videos this week, we get to see past Lions players from different eras and countries, speak about what it can be like in the change room prematch.

When you have a mix of cultures coming together as one, there's bound to be a few different ways to approach the psych up before taking to the field.

Emotion in many forms takes place as the players prepare to take on the might of the opposition, and get themselves in the correct state of mind to do so.

It's a case of each to their own as every player readies himself differently. It's the same for all rugby players everywhere, but with the Lions, it was a case of teary eyes, aggressive behaviour, and on one occasion even, smoking a cigar.

How do YOU prepare prematch?Are you laid back and relaxed with a smile on your face, listening to music, or smashing your head into your mates chest? We're interested to hear it.

It's also your last chance to name your Lions tour squad before it's announced tomorrow.

Time: 02:12

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