Monday, October 27, 2008

Scott Quinnell's crossbar challenge - Northampton Saints

Scott Quinnell's crossbar challenge - Northampton Saints

After another busy weekend of rugby, we're still getting our ducks in a row so figured we'd stick up this fun clip for now, the series of which we're hoping to feature regularly as the season continues.

Former British & Irish Lion Scott Quinnell will be competing in a new feature on the Rugby Club as he looks to take on all challengers in the Guinness Premiership with the rugby version of the Crossbar Challenge.

The test of distance and accuracy comes about from Quinnells natural ability to throw the ball through the posts from the ten meter line.

The former Wales number 8 is looking to take on all before him, as he travels around the country seeing who has what it takes to to throw the ball from 40 metres, over the uprights and between the posts, in one attempt.

"I'm confident that my arm is still very much the one to beat; I've been practicing my quarterback throwing, and it's great fun heading to the clubs and taking on the boys on their home turfs. I'm determined to show them how it's done!"

In the first episode we see Quinnell at the Northampton Saints, taking on a team that clearly has a helluva lot of team spirit and more than a few characters in the squad.

We wont tell you what happens, but what we will say is that if this clip is enjoyed by all, well do what we can to feature it on a weekly basis.

Time: 03:10

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