Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Funnies - David Strettle's astounding rugby knowledge

Friday Funnies - David Strettle's astounding rugby knowledge

This week's Friday Funny is slightly different to the norm in that it actually comes from a tv quiz show about sport. The clip involves Harlequins and England flyer David Strettle, as well as former England scrum half Matt Dawson.

A Question of Sport features two teams of sports stars who get quizzed on not only their own sport, but other sports too. As part of the format of the show, the contestants will at one stage get something called a 'home' question, which is a question about their particular sport of profession.

It's common knowledge that it's one of the easiest questions on the show, as in theory you should know a lot about your own sport.

When it came to Strettle being asked a fairly simple and seemingly straightforward question about rugby and another flying winger, Strettle was flummoxed.

While not trying to make a complete arse of him, as on the field we think the man is fantastic to watch, we couldn't help but get a laugh out of this and thought some of you would too.

Do yourself a favour and pause the clip directly after the question is asked. Then see how long it takes you to answer. In theory you, as a rugby fan, should get it fairly quickly. We would have thought the same about Strettle though, but perhaps hampered by the pressure of pesky Dawson, he surprised us, making for some rather funny viewing.

Time: 01:05

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