Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Funnies - Commentators ogling the Cheerleaders

Friday Funnies - Commentators oogling the Cheerleaders

A few years ago in the NPC while these lovely Auckland cheerleaders were entertaining the crowd pre-match, the New Zealand commentators obviously forgot that their microphones were still on.

As the girls gyrated back and forth, pom poms in free-flow and behinds shaking like theres no tomorrow, the boys in the box just couldnt help themselves.

Most notably it sounded like Tony Johnson who got a real thrill out of it, while the silence from the others perhaps said more than words alone could.

Eventually the silence turned into grunts, and the delight of the men upstairs filtered through as one pretty blonde in particular strutted her stuff.

Its funny hearing grown professionals sounding like hormone fuelled teenagers, but at the same time is nice to know that the guys we often complain about, are just human after all.

Enjoy the weekend, and come back soon as we have another action packed few days of quality rugby coming up.

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