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Portugal upset Australia at the London Sevens

Portugal upset Australia at the London Sevens

In one of the highlights of the weekend for the neutral, day one of the London Sevens produced an amazing upset that will bring pride and encouragement to smaller rugby nations the world over.

Portugal booked themselves a place in the quarter finals for the first time after impressive victories over Australia and Canada.

The men in red surprised Australia early on day one by scoring three unanswered tries after the game looked close at 7-5. They showed great confidence and ran the ball with style and excellent handling, ultimately making the Aussies look a little bit shell shocked.

The 28-12 victory over Australia gave the Portuguese outfit the boost they needed, and despite losing to Fiji, they beat Canada and found themselves in with the world's top rugby nations in the last eight.

Diogo Mateus, the Portugal captain was ecstatic at the way his team performed.

"We came here with no expectations, we just wanted to start with a good game and start evolving from that because we have the World Cup qualifying coming up and we want to get there as best as we can. We brought a very young team, already full of experience but still young, and we just played for the fun, for the team."

As for Australia, they bounced back well and went on to win the Bowl Final against Wales.

We'll keep bringing you highlights of the Sevens as we get them, so please be patient and if you have a specific request, please post it here and we'll see what we can do.

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Anonymous May 27, 2008 4:40 pm


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www.hackneyrfc.co.uk May 27, 2008 5:02 pm

nice to see the Portugese lads got themselves some new kit, who knows how they could have fared at the WC without their billowing numbers!Seriously though, that is just great stuff - they must remain everyone's second favourite team

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Eirik May 27, 2008 5:07 pm

That made my day

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Anonymous May 27, 2008 5:15 pm

It's great to see the image portuguese left in the rwc. I believe they deserve this comments, but...I'm portuguese...!!Well done lobos

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Wolfe May 27, 2008 5:47 pm

Its not "Los Lobos" like the comentator said, but " OS LOBOS". Were not fu****g spanish or south american!

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Will May 27, 2008 6:11 pm

fantastic always nice to see the aussies beaten!!I was there on Sunday and I think the best game of the day had to be Englandvs. New Zealand any chance of it being postedThanks

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Anonymous May 27, 2008 6:27 pm

Parabens Portugal!

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cotton May 27, 2008 7:30 pm

Seeing Portugal among other great nations in a respected international rugby blog, its a sign that Portuguese rugby is evoluing.Fora Lobos!

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yousef1490 May 27, 2008 11:45 pm

always great to see Austrlia lose especially against a rugby minnow!Thtz not takin nething away from Portugal tho, i really enjoy seeing the "minnows" giving as gd as they get! Well done guys

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Anonymous May 28, 2008 1:10 am

how far has portugal come!! , i think its awsome

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nick May 28, 2008 7:39 am

ohhh this is exruciating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know that sevens has never been us aussies but first we start losing to kenya and now portugal!!!!!!! c'mon aussies , we won't get respect by getting beaten like this!!!

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Anonymous May 28, 2008 11:50 am

monkey faz me um filho!!

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Anonymous May 28, 2008 12:13 pm

Australia brought in S14 talent though.. But not THE S14 talent and maybe that's why they lost. Where was O'connor ? He played very well in HK and Adelaide. Why not bring him in again ?

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Anonymous May 28, 2008 12:44 pm

could you put up the wales moldova game, my mate martin roberts scored a hatrick in that game and when they should the highlights on bbc, they didn't even show his tries. cheers

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Anonymous May 28, 2008 2:21 pm

Good for them - sorry not to see them enjoy it more though - it was a huge scalp and the full Portuguese XV showed so much passion in that world cup. The Portuguese 7s could cheer up a bit?

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Rawling May 29, 2008 10:27 am

Great stuff. Wish I'd gone to watch now.Also good to see some Sevens conversions and lineouts, never seen those before!

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Anonymous May 29, 2008 9:21 pm

viva Portugal!!!!

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Anonymous May 29, 2008 10:30 pm

"not the quickest in the planet"eheheh o monkey lento!

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Anonymous July 26, 2008 7:27 am


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Anonymous March 10, 2009 6:07 pm

Awesome I love sevens!

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Anonymous April 01, 2009 12:03 pm

"not the quickest in the planet" the guy who say that are sit in a chair in their office... asshole

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Swampy April 15, 2009 10:53 pm

australia have a habit of being upset by minnows in sevens. THe previous tournement to this in 07 i was their and i saw russia beat australia. And even more resently just last month in fact Kenya beat FIJI!!!!!!!!
I love SEVENs!!!!

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Anonymous April 21, 2009 6:41 am

Shaun Mackay's playing in that game.

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Anonymous June 17, 2009 7:22 am

Who's the black portugese guy - he looks a beast!

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Anonymous July 31, 2009 10:38 pm

his name is Aderito Esteves and he plays in Direito.

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