Monday, April 21, 2008

Aurelien Rougerie classy double vs Toulouse

Aurelien Rougerie  classy double vs Toulouse

Big French right winger Aurelien Rougerie scored himself two quality tries for Clermont Auvergne against rivals Toulouse on the weekened.

The first of his tries came from a great build up and then a tremendous piece of skill by Rougerie, picking the ball up from his toes after letting it slip out of his grasps initially.

The second try came from a painful looking injury to wing compatriot Vincent Clerc, who went down with ligament damage to his left knee. He is expected to be out for up to nine months.

Rougerie showed great skill and pace once again to score after kicking ahead and controlling nicely, but what strikes me is the unfortunate manner in which the try came about.

I originally thought it was a bit rough on Clerc that after injuring himself so badly, Rougerie took advantage and scored. But, after watching again, there wasn't really any way of Rougerie knowing the seriousness of the incident, therefore you can understand him continuing play as though nothing was wrong.

Two great tries by Rougerie showing the true class of the man.

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